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Thus far, I haven't been able to find one, but I was hoping that someone might have an email address for support. Support via phone or chat is not efficient, and over the years, Comcast support personnel has taken up enough of my life that I prefer not to spend any more of it than is absolutely necessary.
I have comcast for Internet, and to keep my pricing, I added a basis TV package a few months back. I didn't really want to add it, I don't even have a TV that is near a cable jack, and with how much I watch (or don't watch) it, I'm not willing to have an installer come put another hole in my house. Comcast got rid of their Xbox application, and seemingly lagging their competition, don't seem to have a wireless cable box, and despite their April 2016 promises of "coming soon" still don't have a roku app nor a firm date when it might be available.
Since I do have a TV package, I thought it would be nice to use to watch sports once in a while. When I got in via the website to tap into my channels, I found that the basic cable package they had added was the Latino package! While I did pretty well in Spanish class in high school 25 years ago, I didn't do so well that my TV watching is bilingual.
So I tried to use chat support, and it took so long to try to connect, their website timed out. So then I called and after 10 minutes on the phone, the rep mumbling to himself as he read through what packages were available. I don't want to shop for a new package or get new pricing. I simply want Comcast to fix their error and replace the Latino basic with the English language basic that should have been setup to begin with. I wouldn't think that this should be a difficult request. I just want to make the request, and have someone tell me when it's done. I don't want to spend any more time on phone or chat waiting for someone to clean this up.
Hopefully someone has a support email address, or someone from Comcast monitors these forums and can actually step up.

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