Survivor Finale Glitch? - DirecTV DVR

For Survivor Finale Glitch?, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I noticed yesterday that Sunday nights 8PM and 10PM Survivor Finale shows were not in my TODO list. Checked the FIND and both are there and marked, went into them and both say they are in the PRIORITIZER and set to record.

Tried to delete FIND going into it and using delete, it would not search it. I deleted it using MARK AND DELETE.

OK, reset to see if it would fix it. Sort of did, one showed up in TODO but not the other.

Talked to 2nd level DTV, "George" said the engineers were aware of the problems and working on it.

So, we'll see Sunday night wheter the TODO list is right or the Series Link.

Anyone else seeing the same thing?