Sussex spaniel wins best in show - What award would your dog win?

A 10 year old Sussex spaniel named Stump has won this year's best in show. I guess it just proves an old dog can teach others some new tricks. It got me to thinking what award my dog Barkley could win. (He was named for Sir Charles. Charles is in my doghouse after his brush with the law, so I'm rethinking that I named my dog for his barking prowess.) He's a Yorkie/Silky Terrior mix. I think he'd take biggest moocher award hands down. Anyone else care to share their pooch's name/breed/award winner category? Aren't our four legged friends/family the best for what ails us?
hehe That dog was so cute!

My dog would win best sleepy pose for sure. He always lays on his back with all 4 paws sticking up in the air. Always! It's the cutest thing. :)
I'm sorry but the dog that won that show is just plain ugly with the long hair and everything. Maybe it's just me, but I hate the way they groom those dogs for those shows. :)


Anyone seen the movie, "Best in Show"? :p

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