Swift Justice Without Nancy Grace


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Well, I'm not sobbing at this news at all, but Nancy Grace is leaving Swift Justice after one season. Frankly, she drove me nuts. She's all hype. I used to like her, but I think her moral outrage is too much of an act now. At any rate, she's being replaced by the lady judge who put OJ Simpson behind bars at last. I hope she's less overdramatic than NG.


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Nancy annoys the living b'jebus out of me, one thing I didn't miss when I dumped pay TV was her show on HLN (Ah, remember when HLN (HNN) just reported the NEWS?) Unfortunately, if Nancy is gone and the show remains, it's still a loss for me: I get that show on 3 channels here.

Seriously, do we need so many Judge Judy / Extreme Akim / Divorce Court shows? There's even judge shows on Telemundo...


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It's called a lack of creativity. One show gets good ratings, so we don't come up with our own idea, we just copy the same old idea over and over again. Let's see, American Idol, Americas Got Talent, The Voice, The X Factor, now some new Survivor clone on ABC... The list goes on, and the cable channels are even worse...