Switch Netflix accounts on XBox 360 - The easy way

Gaming consoles have come a long way since the Atari 2600. It would have been cool if I could have switched off my game of Asteroids or Frogger to fire up an app that let me watch the latest Scooby Doo, but things today are a little different.

View attachment 2269 If you are one of the many that has been "testing" out a family members or friends Netflix account on your Xbox 360 or PS3, you might have noticed there is no obvious way to switch accounts, short of deleting and resintalling the Netflix app.

As pointed out by Thorin Klosowski on Life Hacker there is a simple way to access a secret Netflix debug menu to switch accounts, plus have a peek at some stats while you are in there.

<h3>How To Easily Switch Netflix Accounts On Your Xbox Live (and PS3)</h3>


As demonstrated in the above video, to access the Netflix debug screen in order to swap accounts, starting from the main screen of the app, hit the following buttons from the directional pad of the controller in sequence:

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up.

The XBox Gamertag is what makes the association to the Netflix account that is currently in use. So, using the above steps will grant access to the diagnostics sreen where you will select "Log in again," allowing you to associate your Gamertag with a different account.

For the PS3 you will just get some basic information with a "Deactivate" button.

Netflix hidden menu

While not very exciting for the average person, some might get excited that they are gaining access to a "secret" place. Check out the video below which gives a peek at some of the other menu options that show up in the XBox 360 debug screen.


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