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I have a huge, old Insignia TV-no flat screen. I can't get to the back to see the model number. Up until recently, I'd used one of those Comcast Digital Adapter remotes, and everything was fine. The remote broke, and I got the same one. It does not work the way I want it to, however. I can't turn the TV off at all, and instead of just controlling the channels via cable box, it also controls the volume that way too. This prevents me from playing any video games, as their volume is determined by the TV 's volume.

I have spoken woth Comcast's customer service twice via live chat, with the same results. They give me the twenty billion codes, none of which worked. Then, they make me do the 991 thing. I get the TV to turn off, but not only does it not make the remote work the way it should, but it robs me of the ability to change the volume at all. They then reset the cable box, leaving my TV blaring, and put me at risk of getting in trouble. They don't even try to help me fix this, just tell me to get the remote replaced, even though it is new. Both times, I had to frantically search for a way of returning my remote to at least the way I don't want it, so I can lower the volume.

Does anyone have a solution?

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