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Staff member
I've seen a lot of complaints from different blogs and forums about the transition to dtv. A few of my elder family members would have no clue on how to upgrade their television if it weren't for me and my brother helping them out. Is there anybody else that thinks that the transition to digital television is a bad idea?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I think this should have been phased in more gradually. There's no good solutions for small, portable TVs other than one battery-powered converter, and VCR's will always be a hassle. Older people without family or friends will be in the dark. In time, the old equipment would have filtered through the system, and this could have been painlessy implemented. For the most part, DTV is a significant upgrade but more time is needed.
I'm in the middle with my decision. I love HDTV because there's nothing like a 1080i broadcasted football game on a 55" Plasma.

However, why is there this big need to have a "transition" deadline??? Does it really cost television stations anymore more to broadcast analog and digital signals? I think not. The only reason behind this switch is so that Congress can auction off the old analog signals to bidding cellular companies.

My biggest concern is for those on a fixed income or budget. By the time you add in expenses for the converter box after using the coupon, an antenna, and misc. cords, it can cost up to $55 to convert your old television. That's not cheap!

If there's anyone we should have modeled our transition after, it's Japan. They've scheduled their transition a few years out, giving consumers and broadcasters more time to prepare.