Taking off WLOX "ABC" & "CBS" Biloxi Stations - DirecTV

By taking the WLOX TV Station that provides ABC and CBS coverage it gives Biloxi and Gulfport area without sufficient emergency and local information sources. It defaults to a newly local station that is still building its staff and coverage. The local emergency and information is not sufficient to provide enough information if a major incident occurs in the local area. To devoid also of different news coverage to only one channel is wrong for business and people that live in the area. Also degrades the information available for a non bias opinion of information given out by local and national sources. Leaving a local area without all of the National Broadcasting services is just like living in a country that is trying to control who hears and see's what is going on. If possible please revaluate this situation and think of the affect on public service and local government without two of the MAJOR news and Television Broadcast coverage for the area. I am very disappointed since I just switched to U-verse TV and was promised when service was delivered that we would always have local channels to provide information and coverage of vital issues and government operations in the area.
Charles Dale, Gulfport Mississippi.

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