Talking to someone who can fix my service in the us - DirecTV

how can i get my service back up. I called to try to get a lower rate and it has ended up to be a nightmare. I have called over 6 times just to get "i am trying my very best to get the problem resolved" and then i get "i will call you in a hour." I think ATT is full of it. No tv no internet no phone... oh wait phone works but with a different number i had before. I just got off the Phone with Stan and he was suppose to call me right back on the phone he apperantly just fixed. I guess he could resolve the problem. I am about to call another provider service. The customer service here is crap. I missed a day of work yesterday and lost a days pay because the direct tv installer never showed up after i recieved tons of emails saying they would be here between 9 and 11. I called at 1:30 to check where he was and was told no one got assigned. thats how this mess started as they tried to switch me back to uverse. CRAPPY Service.

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