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To all Forum members who have posted about the Oct. 10 move of TCM to the Sports Entertainment package -- FYI, I have just sent the following Feedback to Xfinity upper management:

OK, Tom. If you have checked the customer Forum recently, you will see that many loyal customers are totally upset at your outrageous move of TCM to a sports entertainment package. I am outraged by this and must demand that you restore TCM to my package, where it was included when I switched from DirecTV to Xfinity TV. I consider this move a breach of contract as there was no disclosure when I opened this TV account with you that channels could be musical-chaired in this manner. Do not tell me that Xfinity cannot afford to absorb the extra costs associated with TCM's cost increase to you. And do not tell me that TCM viewership is low. TCM is one of the most prestigious and popular movie channels. So--I believe Corporate needs to move TCM back to the packages where it resided prior to Oct. 10. Failure to do so will, as I suggested, constitute a breach of contract with me and all your other customers who are affected by this nonsense. Do not send me a canned reply with the bromide arguments given in your FAQs on this issue. This is upsetting enough to me to lead me to drop Xfinity TV if you do not restore TCM to my channel line-up. Very disappointed and unhappy about this. OH, and, this change is NOT announced on my Oct. online bill -- it has come as a complete ambush surprise.

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100% agreee. TCM one of a handful of watchable channels. COMCAST (a.k.a Infinity) is a monopoly (like Google, Facebook, and does what it wants and this faux pas is a good point from which to REBEL (or cut the cord).

Joe Mastro

Here's my situation: I have 5 TVs in my home; couple of kids, a tv in my den and the wife wanted one in the bedroom. The main cable box is in my son's room because he orders pay per view a lot, all the other TVs have a smaller box called a "DTA". I love TCM enough that it was worth it for me to pay the 10 bucks. After signing up for the Sports Entertainment Package, I waited several hours and saw no change. I called customer support and their "expert" opinion was that my boxes were old and needed to be replaced. I said that was BS and they sent a service tech over. The tech said that "package" deals could not be viewed on the TVs with the DTA boxes, only the main box. Prior to this, I have had Comcast for years and every TV in the house got everything. Now, in order to get the same thing that I've had for 20 years, I would have to convert every DTA (4) to a main box at an increased cost of about $12 per box, along with the $9.99 new fee. So now my bill will increase by about $60 per month. Who runs this company, Tony Soprano? Extortion, aided and abetted by our politicians who have nothing to rein in these companies. And Comcast's contention that 90% of their TCM viewers watch two or less movies a month. Bullspit, because if that were true, you would not be seeing this nationwide groundswell of outrage that this move has caused.
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