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This question is about "Tech support and diagnosing performance issues", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I wish I could send a letter directly to Spectrum internet support and get a reply from a higher up...

Spectrum came to our town about a year ago. They laid fiber all over the town. Quite an upgrade from the Fairpoint DSL we had previously, where we were lucky to get a reliable 3Mbps. Our connection has worked flawlessly for a year, and we've been very happy. Till last Friday evening, when intermittently, sometimes very frequently, sometimes every 30 minutes or so, streaming would pause and websites would fail to load.

This became pretty unbearable yesterday afternoon when we were trying to watch football. So I started a chat session with a Spectrum support person (after several attempts and failing to be able to reach their website). The tech was very nice, asked me if I power cycled my equipment (yup, I did), and tried to reach my equipment to "refresh" it, whatever that means. He complained that he was frequently having trouble reaching me, that I was showing as "red" - huh! that's what I was calling about!

Having worked for a couple of high tech companies, and toured their support centers, I would expect Spectrum to have a NoC - network operations center. Lots of screens that flash red if connectivity breaks somewhere, people watching and jumping in to fix things before a customer has to call. I asked the guy I was chatting with if he has access to such information, like, is the problem only with my connection, or it it happening to others on my street or in town? He didn't have access to that he said. He said the only thing he could do is roll a truck and send a tech to my house to check my connection. That's happening Wednesday.

Oh, and this morning, miraculously, all of our network connection problems have disappeared. I highly doubt that the problem was at my house, since no one touched that little fiber. But no one can tell me what happened since Spectrum tech support can't diagnose this as it's happening apparently.

There. I feel better. But not really.

Spectrum, it's 2020. You have to be better than this, right?

Tech support and diagnosing performance issues?
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