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This question is about "Tech support congrats", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello forum, I want to personally thank internet tech support( I hope that’s the right title) who guided me through the most confusing snafu fubar and words I can’t print here fixing my brand new router/modem . His name is Josh from support Honolulu. I had an installer who swapped the set-top box on my tv plus upgraded my router/modem to an AC 3.1 type replacing an old Arris 1670A. She plugged everything in, said sign, and out the door. The unit quit, then Kail from Honolulu got me back, but 4 hours later it quit. I got ahold of Lea, she got me to Josh, and he slowly walked me through things,plus showed me the firewall and helped me change the password. Great service from these techs, they really care. This 71 year old grandpa is better tonight.

‘Thanks again guys, I really did appreciate your help! 😊

Paul,from Big island Hawaii.

Tech support congrats?
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