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This question is about "Techinicolor 8715D problems (lag, timeouts)", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. thought I would post this for others. Got the Techiniclor 8715 routher/modem combo form TWC with my new internet. From the start I was experiencing website time outs and extreme lags when going to a new URL even with a wire connection directly from the router to my computer. Speed test would show that I was getting 100 down and 10 up which it should. I called up TWC the phone support couldn't even see my modem was connected so they had a technition come out and look at it. so I logged into the router myslef made sure it was in bridge mode off ipv4 & ipv6 and wifi. My the tplink router now should a 72. ip which what is should. The technicion came and told me because I have a my router he would be unable to help me. having had my tplink archer c8 router for a year & 1/2 on two different isp providers without any problems, I was sure it wasn't the problem. I promptly looked up a modem on twc (
went on amazon and bought the tp-link 7610 (tp-link to match current hardware) . It arrived today and plugged it in. After a 5 minute phone call with TWC to give them the mac address I was up and running. plugged my router into the modem and rebooted the modem. My lag is now gone and I have 116 down and 12 up with 0 lag and 0 time outs. websites load in miliseconds instead of wating 3-5 seconds for a page to load with my browser just spinning.
The one caviat I won't get new equipement when the speed go up. I am also on my own for modem support but that is a not a problem to me since it is pretty much plug and play.

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