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My geek pal Jody Farr, former webmaster at the Post-Gazette, is a champion of the cable-less movement and his experience is enlightening.

Jody has documented his cable withdrawal on a blog at The tipping point for Jody came when his cable bill went over $200 for a month.

So first he went about getting on-air TV from local channels. For that he needed a TV with a digital tuner (or in his case a computer) and an antenna. He found the ClearStream2 OutDoor Long Range Digital TV Antenna for about $100 at Best Buy.

After hooking up the antenna, Jody was floored at what he saw.

"The quality was stunning. Even though the world had moved to digital TV signals a couple years ago, I was still expecting flicker, snow and bad horizontal hold (the TV experience of my youth). Instead, I had crystal-clear HD and stereo sound. To say I was shocked is an understatement."
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