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This question is about "Technicolor TC8717T MOCA disabled help", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Spectrum/Charter/TWC was at my house today. Since we tested everything wireless and getting cable signals, I thought everything was fine. But after they left, I realize the moca light behind the modem was off. I have moca adapters that I use that worked fine with Verizon fios, so I knew something was off. I logged into the TC8717T admin, and the moca section has a red x, and is disabled. When I go to enable it, It doesn't seem to allow me to SAVE the configuration.

Is there an easy fix here? Please advise, thank you.

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Spectrum no longer supports Whole House Service as Time Warner did therefore, MoCA is disabled by default. Even if enabled, it will disable via weekly polling and updates.

Spectrum Technician