Teleprompter failure...


[h=1]Michael Bay on CES Snafu: 'I Guess Live Shows Aren't My Thing'[/h]
Philiana Ng
[h=2]The "Transformers" director explained the technical mishap that prompted him to leave the stage at the Las Vegas event.[/h] "Michael Bay took to his site Monday afternoon to explain his sudden walk-off during Samsung's presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, citing a technical mishap.

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"Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES -- I was about to speak for Samsung for this awesome Curved 105-inch UHD TV. I rarely lend my name to any products, but this one is just stellar. I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down -- then I walked off. I guess live shows aren’t my thing," Bay wrote.

Bay was supposed to appear at CES to discuss Samsung's Ultra HD TV and preview exclusive footage from the upcoming Transformers 4. After being introduced by Samsung Electronics America president Tim Baxter, Bay began talking about how “Hollywood is a place that creates a viewing escape,” before indicating that there was a problem with the teleprompter and saying he would “wing it.” It wasn't long before Bay exited the stage."

It has to be tough to stand up and talk in front of a crowd like that. I would imagine, however, that one would want to have some idea about the product that was going to be discussed rather than parrot a teleprompter.



I have spoken in front of smaller audiences in the US and abroad and it is not easy even when I fully knew the topic. Hmmm...but why do you think he walked off? He apologized after choking...and did not appear angry about the glitch. It looks like he just did not know the topic. As some have said...he was just an endorser and not expected to talk tech. I would think, however, being a director one would understand some of the benefits of the product as it related to the visual arts. Easy for me to say I guess.