Television Winter 2010


Television Winter 2010

The winter television season begins January 2.

This is an up-to-date view of the winter broadcast network schedule (with selected cable offerings added in), by time slot:

7:00-8:00 pm
__________ABC: America’s Funniest Home Videos [returns 1/3]
__________CBS: 60 minutes [continues]
__________Fox: {7:00} 'Til Death [returns 1/10]
__________Fox: {7:30} 'Til Death [returns 1/10]
__________NBC: Dateline NBC
8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition [returns 1/3]
__________CBS: The Amazing Race [2/14]
__________Fox: {8:00} The Simpsons [returns 1/3]
__________Fox: {8:30} The Cleveland Show [returns 1/3]
__________NBC: Dateline NBC (starts at 8:00); then The Marriage Ref [3/14]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Desperate Housewives [returns 1/3]
__________CBS: Cold Case [returns 1/10]; later: Undercover Boss [2/7]
__________Fox: {9:00} Family Guy [returns 1/3]
__________Fox: {9:30} American Dad [returns 1/3]
__________NBC: The Apprentice [3/7]
__________HBO: Big Love [1/10]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Brothers & Sisters [returns 1/3]
__________CBS: Cold Case [new time as of 2/14]
__________NBC: The Apprentice (started at 9:00)
__________ION: Durham County [1/3]

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: The Bachelor [1/4]
__________CBS: {8:00} How I Met Your Mother [returns 1/11]
__________CBS: {8:30} Accidentally On Purpose [returns 1/11]; then Rules of Engagement [3/1]
__________CW: One Tree Hill [returns 1/18]
__________Fox: House [returns 1/11]
__________NBC: Chuck [1/10]
__________ABC Family: The Secret Life of the American Teenager [1/4]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: The Bachelor (started at 8:00)
__________CBS: {8:00} Two and a Half Men [returns 1/11]
__________CBS: {8:30} The Big Bang Theory [returns 1/11]
__________CW: Life Unexpected [1/18]; then: Gossip Girl [returns 3/8]
__________Fox: 24 [1/17]
__________NBC: Heroes [returns on 1/4]; then Trauma [3/8]
__________ABC Family: Make It or Break It [1/4]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Castle [returns 1/11]
__________CBS: CSI: Miami [returns 1/11]
__________NBC: Jay Leno Show [ends 2/4]; then Law and Order [starting 3/1]
__________ABC Family: Greek [returns 1/25]
__________FX: Damages [returns 1/25]
__________Showtime: {10:00} Secret Diary of a Call Girl [1/25]
__________Showtime: {10:30} State of the Union [1/25]
__________TNT: Men of a Certain Age [continues]

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: {8:00} Scrubs [returns 1/5]; later: Lost (encores) [2/9]
__________ABC: {8:30} Better Off Ted [return 1/5]); later: Lost (encores) [2/9]
__________CBS: NCIS [returns 1/5]
__________CW: 90210 [returns 3/9]
__________Fox: American Idol [1/12]
__________NBC: The Biggest Loser [1/5]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: {9:00} Scrubs [continues]; later: Lost [2/2]
__________ABC: {9:30} Better Off Ted [continues]; later: Lost [2/2]
__________CBS: NCIS: Los Angeles [returns 1/5]
__________CW: Melrose Place [returns 3/9]
__________Fox: American Idol
__________NBC: The Biggest Loser (starts at 8:00)
__________Syfy: Outer Space Astronauts
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: The Forgotten [returns 1/5]
__________CBS: The Good Wife [returns 1/5]
__________NBC: Jay Leno Show [ends 2/4]; later: Parenthood [3/2]
__________TNT: Southland [1/5]

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: {8:00} various programming [repeats]
__________ABC: {8:30} The Middle [returns 1/6]
__________CBS: {8:00} The New Adventures of Old Christine [returns 1/13]
__________CBS: {8:30} Gary Unmarried [returns 1/13]
__________CW: Life Unexpected (reruns); then Amercia's Next Top Model [3/3]
__________Fox: American Idol (Results Show)
__________NBC: Mercy [returns 1/6]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: 9:00} Modern Family [returns 1/6]
__________ABC: {9:30} Cougar Town [returns 1/6]
__________CBS: Criminal Minds [returns 1/13]
__________CW: Gossip Girl (reruns)
__________Fox: Human Target [1/20] (Spring: Glee [returns] )
__________NBC: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit [continues; repeats starting 1/20]
__________BBCA: Inbetweeners [1/25]
__________DirecTV: Friday Night Lights [continues]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Ugly Betty [new time, starting 1/6]
__________CBS: CSI: NY [returns 1/13]
__________NBC: Jay Leno Show [ends 2/4]; then Law & Order: Special Victims Unit [starting 3/3]
__________A&E: Lawman [continues]
__________FX: Nip/Tuck [return 1/6]
__________Soap: Being Erica [1/20]
__________TNT: Leverage [1/13]
__________USA: Psych [return 1/27]

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: The Deep End [1/21]; then: Flash Forward [returns 3/18]
__________CBS: Survivor [2/11]
__________CW: Vampire Diaries [returns 1/21]
__________Fox: Bones [returns 1/14]
__________NBC: {8:00} Community [continues]
__________NBC: {8:30} Parks And Recreation [continues]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Grey's Anatomy [continues]
__________CBS: CSI [returns 1/14]
__________CW: Supernatural [returns 1/21]
__________Fox: Fringe [returns 1/11 - winter finale 2/4]; then Past Life [2/11]
__________NBC: {9:00} The Office [continues]
__________NBC: {9:30} 30 Rock [continues]
__________USA: Burn Notice [1/28]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Private Practice [continues]
__________CBS: The Mentalist [returns 1/14]
__________NBC: Jay Leno Show [ends 2/4]; then The Marriage Ref [3/4]
__________FX: Archer [1/14]
__________USA: White Collar [returns 1/28]

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: Supernanny [returns 1/8]; then Wife Swap [3/26]
__________CBS: Ghost Whisperer [returns 1/8]
__________CW: Smallville [returns 1/22]
__________Fox: House (reruns)
__________NBC: Law & Order [returns 1/15]; then Who Do You Think You Are? [3/5]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Shark Tank [returns 1/8]; then Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution [3/26]
__________CBS: Medium [returns 1/8]
__________CW: (repeats)
__________Fox: Dollhouse [ends 1/22] ; Then: Kitchen Nightmares [1/29]
__________NBC: Dateline NBC [returns 1/8]
__________Syfy: Caprica [1/22]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: 20/20 [continues]
__________CBS: Numb3rs [returns 1/8] [Ending 3/12]; then: Miami Medical [4/2]
__________NBC: Jay Leno Show [ends 2/4]
__________Starz: Spartacus: Blood & Sand [1/22]
__________Syfy: Sanctuary [continues]; then (reruns) [1/22]

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: (nothing specific)
__________Fox: Cops [continues] / Cops [continues]
__________CBS: Crimetime Saturday (rerun of a crime drama)
__________NBC: (nothing specific)
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: (nothing specific)
__________Fox: America's Most Wanted [continues]
__________CBS: (rerun of a crime drama)
__________NBC: (nothing specific)
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: (nothing specific)
__________CBS: 48 Hours Investigations [continues]
__________NBC: (nothing specific)
__________BBCA: Demons [1/2]; later: Survivors [2/13]
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Season/Series Premiere/Return Dates

Saturday, January 2
Demons (BBCA)

Sunday, January 3
America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
Simpsons (Fox)
Cleveland Show (Fox)
Family Guy (Fox)
American Dad (Fox)
Durham County (ION)

Monday, January 4
The Bachelor (ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family)
Make It or Break It (ABC Family)

Tuesday, January 5
The Biggest Loser (NBC)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
The Good Wife (CBS)
Southland (TNT)
The Forgotten (ABC)
Scrubs (ABC)
Better off Ted (ABC)

Wednesday, January 6
The Middle (ABC)
Modern Family (ABC)
Cougar Town (ABC)
Ugly Betty (ABC)
Mercy (NBC)
Nip/Tuck (FX)

Friday, January 8
Supernanny (ABC)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
Shark Tank (ABC)
Medium (CBS)
Numb3rs (CBS)

Sunday, Janaury 10
Chuck (NBC)
Cold Case (CBS)
Big Love (HBO)

Monday, January 11
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)
Two and a Half Men (CBS)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
CSI: Miami (CBS)
Castle (ABC)
House (Fox)
Fringe (Fox)

Tuesday, January 12
American Idol (Fox)

Wednesday, January 13
New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
Gary Unmarried (CBS)
Criminal Minds (CBS)
Our Little Genius (Fox)
Leverage (TNT)

Thursday, January 14
Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Private Practice (ABC)
The Mentalist (CBS)
Archer (FX)

Friday, January 15
Law & Order (NBC)

Sunday, January 17
24 (Fox)

Monday, January 18
Life Unexpected (CW)
One Tree Hill (CW)

Wednesday, January 20
Human Target (Fox)
Being Erica (Soap)

Thursday, January 21
The Deep End (ABC)

Friday, January 22
Caprica (Syfy)
Smallville (CW)

Monday, January 25
Damages (FX)
Inbetweeners (BBCA)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime)
State of the Union (Showtime)

Wednesday, January 27
Psych (USA)

Thursday, January 28
Burn Notice (USA)
White Collar (USA)

Friday, January 29
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)

Tuesday, February 2
Lost (ABC)

Sunday, February 7
Undercover Boss (ABC)

Thursday, February 11
Survivor (CBS)
Past Life (Fox)

Friday, February 12
Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Saturday, February 13
Survivors (BBC America)

Sunday, February 14
The Amazing Race (CBS)

Sunday, February 28
Closing Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Monday, March 1
Parenthood (NBC)
Rules of Engagement (CBS)

Thursday, March 4
Flash Forward (ABC)
The Marriage Ref (NBC)

Friday, March 5
Who Do You Think You Are? (NBC)

Sunday, March 7
The Apprentice (NBC)

Monday, March 8
Trauma (NBC)

Tuesday, March 9
90210 (CW)
Melrose Place (CW)

Sunday, March 14
Sons of Tucson (Fox)
The Marriage Ref (NBC)
The Pacific (HBO)
Minute to Win It (NBC)
The Apprentice (NBC)

Tuesday, March 16
Justified (FX)

Sunday, March 21
Breaking Bad (FX)

Monday, March 22
Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Nurse Jackie (Showtime)
United States of Tara (Showtime)

Friday, March 26
Wife Swap (ABC)
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (ABC)

Monday, March 29
10 Things I Hate About You (ABC Family)
Saving Grace (TNT)

Tuesday, March 30

Friday, April 2
Merlin (Syfy)
Stargate Universe (Syfy)
Miami Medical (CBS)

Monday, April 5
Romantically Challenged (ABC)

Sunday, April 11
The Tudors (Showtime)
Treme (HBO)

Tuesday, April 13
Glee (Fox)

Wednesday, April 14
Top Chef Masters (Bravo)

Monday, April 19
One Tree Hill (CW)

Wednesday, April 28
Happy Town (ABC)

Wednesday, May 12
Code 58 (Fox)
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What's New?


The Deep End (1/24)

Each year one of LA's most prestigious law firms recruits four young lawyers from the finest law schools worldwide. The only way for these first-years to survive is to support each othereven as they compete against one another in the cutthroat arena of high-end law. Sex, greed, romance, betrayal it's all part of being a first year associate at Sterling Law.
BBC America

Demons (1/2)

The battle against the dark underworld of half-lives, monsters and in-humans lie deep beneath the streets of modern-day London in the U.S. premiere of Demons. This contemporary spin on the character of Van Helsing features Luke Rutherford (Christian Cooke) as an average teenager, but with the arrival of his dead father's best friend Rupert Galvin (Philip Glenister, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes), Luke's life is about to be flipped upside down. Galvin is a straight-talking, headstrong American who has come to tell Luke his secret destiny - he's the real-life great-great grandson of Abraham Van Helsing, the vampire hunter in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Luke's destined to inherit the family mantle as a warrior in the coldest of cold wars against the supernatural entities behind every myth and legend from vampires to werewolves and all things that go bump in the night.
Inbetweeners (1/25)

The Inbetweeners offers a painfully funny take on the squirming humiliations of teenage life. It begins with the new kid in town, Will (Simon Bird), who has unwillingly had to move, change schools and, as a result, make new friends. He soon meets Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison), who are neither that cool nor that credible. The four friends get drunk too quickly, ride roller coasters and crush on the girl next door. Simon's the first to throw Will a linereluctantly agreeing to show him around school. He then meets Jay, who's constantly lying about his sexual conquests and daring feats, and Neil, who's really just out to lunch and often the butt of cruel jokes. The four of them will together try to make it through the trials of growing up in middle-class suburbia.
Survivors (2/13)

The chilling new apocalyptic drama, Survivors, focuses on the world in the aftermath of a virus that has wiped out 99% of the human race. The lonely few who remain struggle to start over in a devastated world where everything that was once safe and familiar is now strange and dangerous. At the center of the story is a bewildered but resilient group of survivors led by Abby Grant (Julie Graham), a woman whose strength comes from a burning need to find out if her young son is still alive. This brave new world brings an opportunity for new beginnings, but also terrible dangers not just the daily struggle for food and water, but a deadly threat from other survivors.


Life Unexpected (Monday, January 18)

After spending her life bouncing from one foster family to another, 15-year-old Lux has decided to become an emancipated minor. Her journey through the legal maze leads Lux to her biological father, 30-something Nate “Baze” Bazile, who lives like an aging frat-boy and is astonished to learn he has a daughter. Lux is equally astonished to learn that her mother is Cate Cassidy, a star on local radio, along with her boyfriend, Ryan Thomas. When a judge grants temporary custody of Lux to Baze and Cate, they agree to make a belated attempt to give Lux the family she deserves.

Life UneXpected is produced by Mojo Films in association with CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television with executive producers Liz Tigelaar (“Brothers and Sisters,” “What About Brian”) and Gary Fleder (“October Road”). Gary Fleder directed the pilot.


Human Target (Wednesday, January 20)

It takes a brave, selfless man to make himself a "human target" in order to save the lives of those in danger.

Based on the popular DC Comics comic book and graphic novel, HUMAN TARGET is a full-throttle action drama centered on CHRISTOPHER CHANCE (Mark Valley, FRINGE), a unique private contractor/security guard hired to protect.

Call him what you like, because for Chance, it's about one thing only: saving his clients' lives. When there is an unusual or imminent threat that can't be solved through "normal" means of protection, Chance is hired to completely integrate himself into his clients' lives – to become the human target. If you're a corporate manager whose disgruntled employee has gone violently off the deep end, Chance is your new auditor. If you're the president of a bank who's been tipped off to a potential heist, Chance is your unassuming bank teller.

During each job, Chance, assisted by his business partner WINSTON (Chi McBride, "Pushing Daisies") and hired gun GUERRERO (Jackie Earle Haley, "Watchmen"), puts himself directly in the line of fire as he races against time to save his client, while unraveling the truth behind the mission. With every new danger, Chance's dark history will also unravel. Does anyone know who Christopher Chance really is, or what secrets lay buried in his past? What would make a man willingly become a HUMAN TARGET?

HUMAN TARGET is a production of Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Television. Jon Steinberg ("Jericho"), McG ("Terminator Salvation"), Simon West ("Con Air," "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider") and Brad Kern ("Charmed") serve as executive producers. Peter Johnson ("Chuck") is a co-executive producer. West directed the pilot.

Past Life (2/11)

Dr. Kate McGinn (Kelli Giddish, "All My Children") is not your typical psychologist. Confident, outspoken and highly educated, she works at The Talmadge Center for Behavioral Health in New York City, a world-renowned institute dedicated to the study of the science of the soul. After experiencing a past-life regression in her 20s, Kate became a believer in reincarnation. Using regression therapy and her natural gift for reading people, Kate helps solve the mysteries of her troubled clients who suffer from present-day problems caused by past-life traumas. She believes there are levels of consciousness and explanations for human behavior that science can't begin to explain. Accustomed to skeptics, but not bothered by them, Kate is an unapologetic believer and a force of nature who marches to the beat of her own drummer.

Her partner, Price Whatley (Nicholas Bishop, "Home and Away"), is a different story. A former NYPD homicide detective, pragmatic and cynical, Price is a damaged soul who constantly battles grief and guilt over the accidental death of his wife. Price feels that Kate, though not certifiable, certainly operates on the fringes of science. It's a volatile relationship, but with Price's solid detective skills, and Kate's penchant for out-of-the-box thinking, together they make a formidable, if somewhat dysfunctional, team.

A fast-paced emotional thrill ride, each episode finds Price and Kate working with their colleagues to unravel a new mystery involving the past-lives of their clients. Dr. Malachi Talmadge (Richard Schiff, "The West Wing") is Kate's mentor and the center's namesake, an avuncular but gruff elder statesman who is a legend in the field of cognitive research. DR. RISHI KARNA (Ravi Patel, "Scrubs") is the rookie of the group, a baby-faced therapist from Calcutta who loves bad American TV, Cuban jazz and driving everyone crazy.


Archer (Thursday, January 14)

Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy set at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a spy agency where espionage and global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as suave master spy "Sterling Archer," whose less-than-masculine code name is "Duchess"; Jessica Walter as his domineering mother and boss, "Malory"; Aisha Tyler as his ex-girlfriend, "Agent Lana Kane"; George Coe as his aging-but-loyal butler, "Woodhouse"; Chris Parnell as ISIS comptroller and Lana's new love interest, "Cyril Figgis"; and Judy Greer as Malory's lovesick secretary, "Cheryl.


Parenthood (3/1)

"Parenthood" is a one-hour drama inspired by the box-office comedy hit of the same name. This re-imagined and updated NBC Universal Media Studios/Imagine Television production introduces audiences to the very large, very colorful and imperfect Braverman family.

The dynamic star-studded cast includes Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Craig T. Nelson, Dax Shepard, Bonnie Bedelia, Monica Potter and Erika Christensen.

Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham, "Gilmore Girls"), a financially strapped single mother, brings us into the fold of her parents and siblings who will make us laugh and cry, and on occasion, both at the same time. When we meet Sarah she is packing up her Fresno apartment and uprooting her two inconvenienced kids, Amber (Mae Whitman, "In Treatment") and Drew (Miles Heizer, "ER") to make a big move back home to Berkeley to be closer to her family.

On the home front, Sarah is greeted by her larger-than-life headstrong father, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson, "Family Stone," "Coach"), and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia, "Heart Like A Wheel"), her pillar-of-strength mother, who are privately dealing with their own marital issues. Meanwhile, Sarah's sister and complete antithesis Julia (Erika Christensen, "Traffic"), a successful corporate attorney, can't jump off the fast track long enough to be as good a mother to her five-year-old daughter, Sydney (Savannah Rae, "House"), and wife to her husband, Joel (Sam Jaeger, "Eli Stone"), as she so deeply wants to be.

While commitment-phobe Crosby (Dax Shepard, "Baby Mama"), Sarah's younger brother, contends with accepting adult responsibility, it's Adam (Peter Krause, "Six Feet Under"), the oldest Braverman sibling, who must relinquish his preconceived expectations about what constitutes a "normal" family when he, his wife Kristina (Monica Potter, "Trust Me"), and teenage daughter, Haddie (Sarah Ramos, "American Dreams"), finally realize that their eccentric son and Haddie's little brother, Max (Max Burkholder, "Brother and Sisters"), may actually be suffering from a severe disability. Although each sibling and family has their own share of life to grapple with, perhaps this reunion is the push they need to help each other pick up the pieces and focus on the everyday challenges that modern families face while raising children and starting over.

Serving as executive producers are Oscar winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Frost/Nixon"), and Jason Katims ("Friday Night Lights"), who wrote the pilot episode. Emmy winner Thomas Schlamme ("The West Wing") is the director and executive producer of the pilot. "Parenthood" is from Imagine Television and Universal Media Studios.

Caprica (Friday, January 22)

Humanity's storyline takes completely new twists with Caprica, which follows two rival families and their patriarchs Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) and Joseph Adama (Esai Morales) as they compete and thrive in the vibrant realm of the 12 Colonies, a society recognizably close to our own. This original, standalone series will feature the passion, intrigue, political backbiting, and family conflict in an omnipotent society that is at the height of its blind power and gloryand, unknowingly, on the brink of its fall.


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Coming This Spring (and beyond)


Copper (Coming this Summer)

Copper is a youthful, heartfelt, one-hour, character-driven workplace drama about five rookie cops plunged into the high stakes world of big city policing - a world where even the smallest mistake can have life-or-death consequences. The series follows them just out of the police academy where they bonded together, fought together, drank together, worked together and slept together. And now they're on the job together. They're kids with guns, learning firsthand the hardest kind of policing there is. They are first responders and they are about to learn that no amount of training prepares you for life.


The Bridge (TBD)

The Bridge is a drama about a tough and dedicated police officer who is voted to become the police union's dynamic leader. To serve the public as well as his 8,000 fellow officers, charismatic Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) battles criminals on the street, corruption in the ranks and his own bosses. On the force is his able partner and confidante Tommy Dunn (Paul Popowich), who rides with Frank across the bridge that spans the divide between the rich and the poor in the area they patrol; Staff Sergeant Bernie Kantor (Frank Cassini), a voice of reason and moral sounding board; Jill (Inga Cadranel), a detective with a lot of attitude who is moving up the ranks; Billy (Theresa Joy), a young female cop who is determined to prove herself to the guys; and Ed Wycoff (Michael Murphy), the shrewd Chief of Police. Abby St. James (Ona Grauer) is a sharp prosecutor who begins working with the police union, and shares a mutual attraction with Frank. In his new position, Frank Leo takes on the politically-motivated department brass... and makes many powerful enemies in the process.

Craig Bromell, Adam J. Shully, Laszlo Barna, Alan Di Fiore and Robert Wertheimer are executive producers for E1 Entertainment, 990 Multi Media Entertainment Company and Jonsworth Productions in association with CTV and CBS Television Studios.


Code 58 (5/12)

CODE 58 (working title) is a comedic look at what happens when an old-school cop and a modern-day detective try to expose the big picture of small crime. DAN STARK (Bradley Whitford, "The West Wing") was once a big-shot Dallas detective. Thirty years later, Dan Stark is a washed-up detective who spends most of his time drunk or re-hashing his glory days. Dan's new partner, JACK BAILEY (Colin Hanks, "Mad Men," "Numb3rs"), is an ambitious, by-the-book and overall promising detective, but is sometimes a bit too snarky for his own good. His habit of undermining himself has earned him a dead-end position in the department. Jack may not see it, but he has little chance of getting out of his situation; his knack for making enemies at the station has assured he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Jack's only ally is ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY LIZ TOWNSEND (Jenny Wade, "Reaper"), a quick-witted former girlfriend whom Jack hasn't quite gotten over and the one person he turns to for help with his current professional predicament. Not helping matters any is Jack and Dan's boss, LIEUTENANT ANA RUIZ (Diana Maria Riva, "Side Order of Life," "Castle"), who has committed herself to seeing that Jack and Dan spend the remainder of their days in the Property Crimes Division, assigned to investigate seemingly minor crimes in order to keep them and the department out of major trouble.


100 Questions (TBD)

You won’t believe her answers.

Charlotte Payne is looking for love. She’s dated lots of men and has been proposed to ten times, but has yet to meet Mr. Right. So Charlotte decides to join a popular online dating site, where she has to take a 100-question compatibility test. The questions aren’t easy for Charlotte to answer, and each one requires her to recount a poignant and humorous time in her life with friends Leslie, Jill, Mike and Wayne. The test becomes a journey of self-discovery for Charlotte and helps her realize what she truly wants in a relationship.

From Emmy Award-winning director James Burrows (Will & Grace, Friends) comes one hundred hilarious answers to the ultimate questions of love.
Day One (TBD)

In the aftermath of a global event that devastates the world's infrastructures, a small band of survivors strives to rebuild society and unravel the mysteries of why the event took place and what the future has in store. Told from the point of view of an eclectic group of neighbors in a Van Nuys, California apartment building, this journey of survival will show us that hope is found in the smallest of victories and heroes are born every day.

From executive producer/writer Jesse Alexander (Heroes, Lost, Alias) and director Alex Graves (Fringe) comes this epic adventure that starts on Day One.
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Renewals and Cancellations


The Middle
Cougar Town
Modern Family
Wipeout (this summer)

ABC Family
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (this summer)
Make It or Break It (this summer)

Mad Men

The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
Flashpoint (this summer)
Amazing Race
How I Met Your Mother

American Dad
The Cleveland Show

The League
Sons of Anarchy

NCIS: Los Angeles
The Good Wife
Law & Order (verbal)
Parks and Recreation

Stargate Universe
Warehouse 13 (this summer)

The Closer (this summer)
Dark Blue
Men of a Certain Age
Saving Grace (last season) (this summer)

Burn Notice
White Collar

Cancellations (and other endings)

The Cleaner


Three Rivers

The Beautiful Life


Raising the Bar


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Another epic television lineup thread Bicker. I have a question, why are there dollar amounts next to the TV show names in the first post?


Staff member
Family Guy is pulling in some cash still! Over $200K a commercial??

That kind of reminds me, how did Friends ever get to be profitable with paying each of the main cast members $1 million a piece for each episode.


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Ah, I see the Donald is back and apparently it's just a regular round of The Apprentice, something we haven't seen in a couple of years.

I'm not sure if any of the new shows will get my attention. They look pretty standard.

And don't forget that ... oops, is it TNT or TBS? ... is airing all of the Southland episodes beginning in late January, and if they do well, they might order new episodes.


My first impressions of the descriptions of the new series for Winter 2010

I find it interesting that there are two new series (one animated [Archer], the other live-action [The Human Target]) that play off the interest in comics. Neither sound like my cup of tea, personally, but it really shows that the sub-genre, typified by feature film The Watchmen and hit television series Smallville, is alive and well.

There are also two "cop shows". Neither one really pulls at me, though both feature an actor that I enjoyed in their previous series (Copper features Missy Peregrym [Andi from Reaper]; and The Bridge features Aaron Douglas [Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica]).

The CW show [Life UneXpected] sounds like yet another of a series of CW shows that try to pander to the teen audience, without really completely understanding why their successful shows are successful. I think it is a safe (and cheap-shot) bet to predict it'll go down the same path as The Beautiful Life. (They even screwed around with the capitalization in the title of this new show, akin to the kind of things they typically do with their show titles, i.e., abbreviating it TBL before anyone ever had a chance to actually have to say/type it so much that it actually needed to be abbreviated.)

Doesn't 100 Questions sound too much like Ex List from last year?

Past Life and Day One are hangers-on to the coat-tails of the Lost phenomenon. I think Past Life's premise is hanging onto the very edge of what I would be able to grant suspension of disbelief. Day One, by comparison, is basically a suburban Jericho. I mentioned yesterday in another thread that I felt that Jericho's failure might have stemmed from the producers turning a really good survival soap opera into a really mediocre political and military drama. I would love to see a show actually stick with survival as the overarching theme of the show. I know it is hard... the objective surely needs to be recovery of civilization... but can't we have survival take seven or eight years, before centralized order is restored?

Parenthood is a special case. Its stellar cast put it in a category by itself, but the travails it has had to endure to get produced cannot help but have increased the chances of it being an utter failure. Built originally around Maura Tierney, replacing her with Lauren Graham is not just a matter of replacing a lead, but they've essentially had to try to replace the heart of the show. That's a tall order.

Then there's Caprica. We've seen the pilot, and it was fantastic. It'll have to be sanitized for television of course, but I don't think that will take too much off the promise of this show.

Fringe Reception

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re: scheduling

Hey gang,
Online, I found a schedule for "Offbeat Cinema" shown late Friday evenings/Saturday mornings on RTN. For me, their schedule is two weeks off, however, prior movies have been running in order so I have my hopes that two weekends from now, the movie Reefer Madness will be shown! A cult classic!

I haven't seen that since the 1960s and my girlfriend hasn't seen it before. It will be a hoot!
Jim :bolt:


Added some Fox details, including delay of the start of Sons of Tuscon; addition of Our Little Genius, Past Life, and Kitchen Nightmares.

Also, paradoxically, it appears as if CW has given up on Wednesday night.

Also 100 Questions has been pulled from the winter schedule.
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Our TiVo Season Pass plans

Things aren't quite settled yet, but the winter is coming into better view, given Fox's releases this past week. Looks like the winter is going to be less interesting than the fall was, for us. This is what we're probably going to have our DVR recording:

8:00-9:00 pm
__________Fox: The Simpsons [returns 1/10]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Desperate Housewives [continues]
__________CBS: Three Rivers [continues]
__________HBO: Big Love [1/10]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Brothers & Sisters [continues]
And this is being generous. We have only watched one episode of Three Rivers (the rest are waiting on our TiVo), and have about six episodes of Brothers and Sisters stacked up. As long as we have hard disk space we'll continue to record these two, but I doubt we'll watch all of them.

8:00-9:00 pm
__________CBS: How I Met Your Mother [continues] / Accidentally On Purpose [continues]
__________Fox: House [returns 1/25]
__________NBC: Chuck [1/10]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________Fox: 24 [1/17]
__________NBC: Heroes [continues on 1/4]
__________ABC: Castle [continues]
__________TNT: Men of a Certain Age [continues]
Monday 8PM continues to be one of the biggest hours of television, for us, now with Chuck, House and the CBS comedies. How I Met Your Mother is pretty consistently good, and Accidentally On Purpose is just about the funniest show on television now AFAIC. Unfortunately, we end up recording both on our old SD DVR (which probably won't work starting this coming Monday, when we switch to FiOS).

I totally missed that we're going to have a conflict between 24, Heroes and Castle. (The cable program, Men of a Certain Age, will be rerun a couple of hours later, so no conflict there.) I'm going to have to fight that one out with my wife. My preference would be to catch Castle in reruns.

8:00-9:00 pm
__________CBS: NCIS [continues]
__________Fox: American Idol [1/12]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Lost [2/2]
__________CBS: NCIS: Los Angeles [continues]
__________Fox: (American Idol - starts at 8:00)
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: The Forgotten [continues]
__________CBS: The Good Wife [continues]
No real conflict here. The three-way conflict at 9PM is irrelevant; we don't necessary need to watch American Idol in HD, and heck I'm not sure how much longer we're going to be watching NCIS: Los Angeles anyway. The Forgotten is another show we're just recording, but not watching.

8:00-9:00 pm
__________NBC: Mercy [continues]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Modern Family [continues]
__________CBS: Criminal Minds [continues]
__________Fox: Human Target [1/20]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Eastwick [continues] [Ending by mid-January]
__________TNT: Leverage [1/13]
No real conflict here either. First of all, we're just going to watch one episode of Human Target. I doubt we'll like it enough to keep it. However, if we do, still no real conflict: We haven't watched Criminal Minds for almost a year.

8:00-9:00 pm
__________ABC: Flash Forward [continues]
__________CW: Vampire Diaries [returns 1/21]
__________Fox: Bones [returns 1/14]
__________NBC: Community [continues]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________ABC: Grey's Anatomy [continues]
__________Fox: Fringe [returns 1/14 - winter finale 2/4] ; Then Past Life [2/11]
__________USA: Burn Notice [1/28]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________ABC: Private Practice [continues]
__________CBS: The Mentalist [continues]
__________FX: Archer [1/14]
__________USA: White Collar [returns 1/28]
Thursday 8PM is the overall champion for season pass conflicts on TiVo this fall, I believe. We handled this this fall by not watching Vampire Diaries (figure if it is good, we'll catch reruns) and recording Community on our SD DVR (which, again, may not work after Monday). The 9PM and 10PM conflicts are no real conflict... the cable shows are rerun.

8:00-9:00 pm
__________CW: Smallville [continues]
9:00-10:00 pm
__________CBS: Medium [continues]
__________Fox: Dollhouse [continues; ending 1/22]
__________Syfy: Caprica [1/22]
10:00-11:00 pm
__________CBS: Numb3rs [continues] [Ending in February] (later: TBD)
__________Syfy: Sanctuary [continues] [Ending by mid-January]
__________USA: Psych [return 1/29]
That 10PM TBD is probably Flashpoint, but again, the cable shows are rerun, so no real conflict.


That is just about the same amount of television that we've been recording this fall, except for the fact that so many of the shows listed above are ending in January or February (Eastwick, Sanctuary, Numb3rs, Dollhouse). And it is notable that this includes an HBO series -- we normally don't subscribe to HBO. (We're getting it free for three months.)

To be fair, this list doesn't include the shows not yet scheduled, Parenthood, Copper, The Bridge, Day One, etc. However, overall still a much "lighter" line-up than we had in the fall, since there are always some shows added to our Season Pass list later. For example, this fall, White Collar was one show added later.
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I like Three Rivers quite a lot. So far it hasn't been too much of a soap opera so it's been very dramatic, thought provoking medical stories on the donor issue.

Criminal Minds is ... well, you know, I'm not a big fan of Mandy Patinkin and it bugged me when he left the show. I thought he was being a prima donna or something. Now it turns out he left because the show was just so dark and it was affecting him. So now I respect him having the guts to leave, and the thing is, he's right. I've really noticed this year how dark and evil the show is. Their show last night was shocking and pointless. I was very angry but on top of that, I just kept asking why? Why is it so necessary for them to paint every story so black? I've watched and enjoyed it from the beginning but frankly, I'm questioning why I'm watching because I'm not enjoying it like I was. Mandy was right; it's just so dark that it's disturbing in a bad way.