Tell me about the HR44 - DirecTV

Are there any cool features on the HD DVR HR44 compared to the HR34-700?

This question, "Tell me about the HR44," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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You'll find a good end-user HE-34/HR-44 comparison here:[/url]

My short answer is "Way different and worth it," but I need to add both are OLD MODELS. If you're upgrading, you might as well insist on an HR-54.

You need to know #1: If you're out-of-contract, you should require new-in-box (not refurbished) and newest-model equipment at no additional cost to you (other than a new 24-month contract). Getting you back into contract is a high priority for AT&T, so you have good leverage to get precisely what you want.

You need to know #2: all model number "HR-xx" represent the same model. The only difference is who made it, represented by the appendage "-x00." This rarely makes any difference in performance.

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