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This question is about "Terminating DirecTV and Uverse Contract After 2 Months of Service", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. I am posting this here to be on the record as I have not been able to make any progress speaking to AT&T on the phone over the past two days. Less than 60 days ago I signed up for both UVerse and DirecTV. The combined account number is 155335554. My intention is to cancel both the TV and internet service as soon as possible, and be released from all contractoral obligations and fees. I have paid one payment of $229.07. I currently owe nothing.

The very same issues that were the final straw for me are the same issues preventing me from cancelling my service at the moment. I tried again today and was told, just as I was yesterday that "systems are down" and I will have to wait till tomorrow.

I am hoping this post will be forwarded to the proper managment authority in the rentention department as I have very little paitence and tolerence left.

Here are the reasons I am cancelling with a demand to terminate my contract without incuring fees:

-service interruption - many days, without any resolution
-customer service dept via phone disconnects while on hold
-customer service dept via phone cannot assist due to system down time
-online troubleshooting tool is broken
-online equipment refresh does not work
-online customer service options redirect to bad/dead pages
-DirecTV pixelation and freezing
-UVerse wifi operating at 20-30% speed while 5 feet from bridge
-bridge GUI access (firmware) is archaic in too many ways to list
-dual accounts with seperate logins are horribly confusing. Not something I aggreed to.
-deceptive marketing - I did not understand the contract until I got the letter in the mail and finally read it. I do not agree with the contract terms.
-Upon signing up, I was charged $121.43 from Sept 3 - Sept 12 (9 days). This is a deceptive pricing tactic. My monthly bill is $107.64. I was never informed that I would be charged an exponetially higher rate prior to the start of the first full billing cycle.

Cancel my service, release me from the contract and I will not be a problem for you. Otherwise, it's a civil matter, as I have lost much valubale time over the last 60 days dealing with this and will not hesitite to pusue damages. I will be contacting the FTC, the BBB and the City Attorney's office, my news local news contacts and my people at CNET and Wired magazine.

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