Terrel Owens Reality TV Show


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T.O. will star in, The Terrell Owens Project on VH1 this summer.

This is going to be painful to watch. I'll hate it. But I'll watch. :)

Most of us know the Dallas Cowboys’ Terrell Owens as one of the greatest — and most outspoken — wide receivers in NFL history. Now get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at the star’s personal life. Premiering this summer on VH1, The Terrell Owens Project will feature Monique Jackson and Kita Williams (two of T.O.’s best friends) as matchmakers and therapists who try to “help him make his life off of the field as successful as his life on it!” According to VH1’s press release, there’s a side to T.O. that we don’t know.“Viewers will discover that behind all the braggadocio, emotional histrionics, and sculpted physique that is the outspoken media magnet known to the world as “T.O.” — there is also a quiet, sensitive, mild-mannered guy from Alexander City, Alabama…that’s Terrell.”Quiet? Sensitive? Mild-mannered? We’ll have to see it to believe it. After the jump, read the full press release for more details.TERRELL OWENS GETS IN THE GAME WITH A NEW REALITY SHOW ON VH1The Terrell Owens Project is Set to Premiere in the Summer of 2009 on VH1
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