Terrible Retention - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Terrible Retention My uverse+internet promotional contract ends on Saturday. I have called multiple times, and the retention department says there are no promotions currently available. When my contract ends, my bill will go up to almost $250 per month for u-450, 45mbps internet, 1 DVR box, and 1 wireless box. That's insane! I plan to put a cancellation order in so that it is effective immediately when my contract ends.

AT&T needs to rethink their strategy. They won't offer any new contract until after your current one has expired. In doing so, they force you to pay for a month at an increased rate. As much as Comcast irritated me, they never pulled this kind of crap. I'd rather not go back to them, but I guess I will have to. I can get a better tv package and much faster internet for way cheaper from them.

My point is, don't get your hopes up. I didn't want a better deal. I just wanted the same deal, and they wouldn't even offer that. They wouldn't even offer a promotion with a price increase.

Please do not reply with the "promotions are only available at certain times" or "check on your profile for current offer". Those are crap replies.