Terrible service, horrible customer service reps - DirecTV

I have had nothing by problems since AT&T took over DirecTV. It started with freezing frames which was supposedly fixed when a technician came out and replaced some damaged connections on the outside of my house. Yet to be seen, freshness still freezes and channels are slow to load.Fast forward one week and now every night at the same time I get a crazy error message in the channel box on my screen 8889* then the screen goes blank with the DirecTV logo swirling around. I called customer service only to be yelled at by the employee who wouldn't listen to me and told me that it's my smart TV and I needed to call the manufacturer. Mind you I've had the same TV for three years with no issues. Had she listened she would have heard me say the issue originated on aTV that isn't smart. I've also had issues where the TV shuts off on its own. Another receiver said it's hasn't received updates in 32 hours. This is all after a technician came out. This is ridiculous I've called customer service more in the last three weeks than I have in the past 9 years I've been a DirecTV customer.

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