Test antenna mount ideas?


I'm looking for a temporary solution to get an antenna to 15-20 feet, for a few days for some testing. Or even a permanent solution. Only thing I can think of so far is a flag pole mount. I sure hope a better solution comes about lol!!! I don't feel secure about where my idea is going!


Thanks in advance for any input.

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There are 20-50 foot telescopic masts available and I currently use three. However, for temporary or portable testing I found a really cool option I plan to blog about soon ... stand by!



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The Telescopic Masts like Jim has offered, are very adaptable for one's needs. There are several other approaches to mounting, and I've given a link to some resources below.

Personally, I'm now having to deal with the possibility of a very High (coastal) Wind situation, where I've chosen to use Schedule 40 2" Pipe for a Mast.
Lots of options, and one can be quite creative !

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Eaves Mount for Hanging Rafters or Trim Boards : Antenna Mounts | RadioShack.com

I have used Radio Shack eaves mount (for hanging rafters or trim boards) and they work pretty well.
I agree, that's a very handy mounting system, but...
The farther you can get the Mount Brackets away from each other, the better !
Very low pitched Roofs force the Brackets to be very close to each other, which detracts from that system's strength.
So, the higher pitched Roof allows a stronger system.

I know I keep harping on these issues of strength, but, ya never know when a Hurricane/Tornado is going to pop up :eek:
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