The 13th Warrior-Huge bomb or good flick?


Did you see this one? I remember it and have watched it twice I think. I did not think it was a bad movie, not GREAT but watchable. Totally bogus story line but it kept my attention. Turns out Wallstreet Cheat Sheets ranks it as one of the all-time movie bombs at the box office!

"Based on Michael Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead, Buena Vista was banking on The 13th Warrior building off the huge success of Crichton’s Jurassic Park adaptation from a few years prior. But the studio’s decision to spend huge amounts of money on the film, even by 2013 standards, ultimately backfired when nothing short of the film becoming a box office phenomenon could earn the film its money back.

The total cost of The 13th Warrior has been debated over the years, with some reports indicating that it might actually be the biggest box office bomb of all-time, but the film’s total cost is generally agreed to have been around $160 million — a stunning number in 1999 that rises to $223 million when adjusted for inflation. While the film wasn’t terrible at the box office, earning $61.7 million, it wasn’t nearly enough for a film with a budget that had spiraled completely out of control. In total, the film oversaw a net loss of $98.3 million in 1999, which equals about a $135.5 million loss when adjusted for inflation."

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I think I saw it around the time it came out, and I didn't think it was that bad -- but I guess it really wasn't all that memorable. I probably wouldn't bother to watch it again, but only because there are far too many things I haven't even seen once, that I'd like to watch instead.

The financial success or failure (or other people's opinions in general) doesn't really come into my own opinion of whether a movie is good or bad - I personally find some movies that are considered "bombs" to have other merits.