The Bachelorette Episode 3 Recap: Dodgeball and Disappointment

One week after the first set of one-on-one dates were had by the latest bachelorette Desiree, the third week of ABC's "The Bachelorette 9" was sure to garner some intrigue after the previews last week showed a mystery girlfriend show up. Who was lying to Des and who would be sent home on this episode?

View attachment 2423 To open the show, Chris Harrison informed the guys that there would be two group dates and a one-on-one date. At the first group date, Des shows the men that their date involved playing dodgeball against a team of professionals from the National Dodgeball League. When the guys were beat up enough, Chris told them that they would play each other in a winner takes all showdown.

The blue team won the first game of a best of three series, but the red team easily cruised to the win in the second game. At the start of the third game, Brooks broke his finger and was sent to the hospital. In the end, it was the blue team that was victorious but Des decided to allow everyone at the after party.

At the after party, Brad told Des he has a three-year-old son and while all the guys were worrying about the rose, Chris took Des to a private spot on the roof. At the end of the night Brooks returned from the hospital and had alone time with Des, but Chris got the rose from Des.

Back in her house, Des got a phone call from Chris Harrison to give her some bizarre news. She heads to the house and called out Brian about having a girlfriend back home. As they're speaking, Chris walked in with the girlfriend Stephanie. He never told her he was going on the show but told her they would reconnect the day after filming ended. He admitted that he slept with Stephanie two nights before he left for California and Des said there was no chance of him staying on the show.

After sending Brian home, Des and Kasey went to Sunset Boulevard where they were going to dance on the side of a building. They had dinner atop the building they just danced on the side of and then suddenly, heavy winds came and knocked everything down. They decided to jump in the pool, which turned out to be freezing cold and they left to finish their date in the stairwell.

View attachment 2424

For the next group date, the boys were brought to their date site in a horse and buggy. Des greeted them and introduced them to the stunt coordinator from "The Long Ranger." The guy that did the best job at saving Des won some alone time, which was Juan Pablo with his hilarious rendition of being a life saver and the two watched "The Lone Ranger." They had their first kiss and both seemed to enjoy their time together. After the movie, Des spoke individually with all the guys and eventually gave a rose to James.

They had a pool party for the guys to relax a bit with Des before the rose ceremony, but before the party, Ben snuck away with Des for a car ride without the guys knowing. The guys kept asking Ben if he had alone time with Des yet, but he lied, which angered them. Brandon got some alone time with Des and kissed her and told her he was falling for her.

At the rose ceremony, it was down to just Ben, Brandon and Dan for the final rose. In the end, Ben was who got the rose and Brandon was heartbroken. As Brandon was leaving, Des stopped him and wanted to explain why it was better to send him home now instead of later.


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