'The Bachelorette' Recap: Des Finds Mr. America (Episode 4)

One week after Des sent a distraught Brandon home, the remaining men continued their attempt to win her heart. As they ventured to Atlantic City, what kind of crazy antics would go on and what would Ben do this week to upset the house of "The Bachelorette?"

View attachment 2451 Chris Harrison welcomed the remaining men to the next week of adventures and let them know that they were going to be meeting Des in Atlantic City. The first one-on-one date went to Brad. Brad and Des were having fun playing games, going on rides and eating chocolate. Des was trying to find out if she could be the person to complete Brad's family but during dinner, they weren't able to get a great conversation started. After dinner, they went up to the top of a lighthouse and when they reached the top, she told him that he wasn't going to get a rose and he was forced to go home.

For the group date, everyone but James met Des at the Boardwalk. They go into Boardwalk Hall and see Miss America and find out that they were going to have "The Bachelorette's Mr. America." The first thing men have to do is find their talent by using the props given to them from Shakespeare to flag twirling. The contest was in front of a live crowd and the first portion was the interview. The talent show was next and the men continued to woo Des. When that was done, it was the swimsuit competition and Des was ready to announce the winner which was Kasey.
After the pageant, the group date landed them at a large pool where they all tried to get the rose. When Ben gets his chance to talk to Des, he does so in front of the guys and again angers the other men in the house. After all the guys had their chance to woo Des, at the end of the group date it was Zak W. that got the rose.

For the second one-on-one date, James and Des took a helicopter ride to the Jersey Shore to see what Hurricane Sandy did to the area. They then went down to the street to see first-hand what the hurricane did. Des and James decided to give up their date to Manny and Jan, a couple that was affected by the hurricane. Manny and Jan enjoyed their dinner at the House of Blues in Atlantic City while Des and James dined out at a pizza joint.

At dinner, James told Des that he once cheated on a girlfriend, but Des appreciated his honesty. When James and Des arrived at the restaurant, Manny and Jan were looking at their wedding album that the American Red Cross restored for them. The surprises weren't done for Manny and Jan as they danced the night to Darius Rucker's live performance. At the end of all the excitement, James got the rose from Des.
During the cocktail hour, Bryden admitted that he wasn't sure if he would take a rose if Des offered it to him. As the night went on, the other guys got alone time before Bryden told her that he felt like their relationship wasn't where it should be. Des told him that she wanted him there and didn't want him to leave.

At the rose ceremony, it came down to Zack K. and Mikey, but Mikey got the final rose and the book publisher was forced to leave the show. Des then let the remaining men know that they were going to Munich.