The Ball has been dropped many times - DirecTV

2 weeks ago I traded in my iPhone 6 for a new iPhone 7. While there I told the manager I wanted to switch my cable to uverse also. The following day I started receiving emails from direct tv, I called customer care and they told me it was for direct tv!!! So I drove back and told the manager that I wanted uverse. After refunding and expediting service order I waited a few days and decided to call customer care again to make sure everything was set up for uverse, they told me yes, direct tv was refunded and uverse set up. I also called the manager at store and she said the same. To my amusement when the tech arrived, his work order had direct tv all over it and that he was only hooking internet and phone!?!? After he left twice for 45 minutes at a time to supposedly fix everything and another call to customer care to fix my order again, he came in and said he could not install today and asked myself and wife if he could do the following weekend?!? Um not no but heck no after what I was put through and wasting 6 hours of my day while att got their s*%# together!!! I told him we would have to cancel if they couldn't install that day. After he left I recived numerous emails stating new services and installation? And calls asking why the install was delayed? The tech must have delayed my order instead of cancelling to his boss because he was at the same restaurant that my wife and I were at after the horrible fiasco that we endured with him and customer care at my home!! Guess he delayed so he could get payed while at a restaurant instead of cancelling my order promptly?! What an absolute joke and my nerves are shot! I am to the point now of considering switch my phone service to the competitor because of the way att has handled everything!!

Frustrated beyond belief
Michael Booth

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