The Best Blu-Ray DVDs For Your Amazon Gift Card

Lots of great movies came out in 2013 and many great Blu-Ray sets came out that collect classic movies together for the first time. Blu-Ray DVDs are a one of a kind chance to get some of the highest quality picture and sound quality that is available anywhere. If you have a gift card for, this is your chance to get the best movies possible.

-Star Trek Into Darkness
JJ Abrams took over Star Trek and has done an incredible job handling it. The Blu-Ray edition from Amazon also comes with the DVD and a digital copy as well, making sure you get the most out of your Amazon gift card. All of those options make it possible to visit the reimagined world of Star Trek that Abrams created, with an alternate time line and origins stories that can be respected by even the most hardened Trek fans. He has shown how much he respects the series the fans, making this also a great introductory series for those who have never seen Star Trek.

-Man of Steel
Henry Cavill and Amy Adams star in this new addition to the Superman franchise, but also one that is among the most respected. Any new superhero movie catches a lot of criticism, but this one stands out as one of the finest of the new offerings. The Blu-Ray set from Amazon comes with an UltraViolet digital copy that makes sure you have as many options to watch the movie as possible.

-Bond 50
If you are a fan of James Bond, this is a must have Blu-Ray pack. This Bond collection features 23 of the classic movies, four documentaries, and so much more. This one of a kind boxed set allows fans to see Bond get the girl and save the world in never before seen definition, making it a must have. From Dr No to Skyfall, it’s all right here in one place. A lot of history is contained in these movies, and they are a part of film history that we might not see again.

-The Hobbit
The Lord of The Rings trilogy was notoriously long and wandering, but The Hobbit is a more action packed, fast paced adventure that you shouldn’t miss if you plan on seeing the recently released part 2 of the series. The Blu-Ray edition of the movie features an incredible amount of special effects and, if you are lucky, a statue commemorating this monumental cinematic feat. For those who have read the books, or just enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies, this is a great way to spend some of your Best Buy gift cards.

-Star Wars: The Complete Saga
This 9 disc set of Star Wars movies contains all of the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray DVDs, new documentaries, interviews with the cast and crew of all of the movies, even bloopers from the original trilogy. This set lacks the original theatrical versions, that many people want, but it remains a must have kind of set for Star Wars fans who want the best in Blu-Ray.