The Big Bang Theory

Kelley Brown

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This is the funniest show I've seen in a very long time. I sometimes laugh so hard I get a catch in my side. Sheldon makes the whole show ... He's so serious and science minded :)


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Sheldon is the best of all.but the little blondie hottie doesn't hurt the show at all.she gives it that little edge it needs ever know and then


Leonard Hofstadter he is the best and i just love the show. It makes me laugh through out the show. I have no time to watch the show when its aired so i rent it. Man the show is awesome!!!!


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It's ok I guess, but it's one of those shows you either love or hate. I find the humor in it to get quite old after a while. It takes every stereotype about smart/mensa type 20's somethings, and spits it into a half hour "what kind of situations can we throw at these guys" comedy show.

Ok, not really a fan. ;)


When this show first came out, I wan't a fan. Now that I have taken the time to sit and watch a whole episode, I love it. You are right, Sheldon is my favorite too. He is so funny!

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