The Big Computer Leap - Recommendations


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The time is at hand; ready to go out and get it ... so let me see if anyone has recommendations because the specifics go nuts.

If you can help, is a good source here. I want an HP computer. I trust HP, have had them more than any other. I hate Dell, Gateway -- never ever. I don't like Compaq. I just really trust HP so I want an HP.

I've had 512ram and I hate it. It's not enough. I'm not really a gamer, but I love to do NASCAR raceview, watch DVDs, watch HULU shows, etc. I want more ram than what I've had. I like to have lots of things open at the same time and I'm tired of running out of memory.

I need lots of storage. I have music, documents, and shows on my computer.

I do word processing and all the basics on this computer.

I want Win7. I want DVD and CD drives. I want to be able to record on CD.

I think zip drives are out, but I'd love to have a port for that in the back -- or something. I'm not sure they have those anymore, but I'm trying to figure out how to move things from one computer to the other. Flash things don't work on my dinosaur.

Anywho --- I want speed and storage for music, games, documents, etc. I want one that is going to last a long while.

Any suggestions?