the children


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Wasn't there some kind of mystery alluded to in a previous season concerning the children on the island: that somehow they were all "gifted"? (I'm remembering the end of a season where the Others were dressed like castaways or savages, and Micheal had gone looking for Walt).
Also concerning the children....what was up with Kate's not wanting Jack to ask her anything about Aaron before they left to return to the island? Almost like she had done something unspeakable?..Or had Claire visited her again and warned her not to take Aaron back?....:confused:Any ideas?


the kids always seem to get of the island in some way or another. I am anxious to see what happened in the Kate and Aarron situation, too! I suppose Ben had something to do with it. I am not sure how to judge him on anything lately.
Maybe the children in the island where like those in the movie "village of the damned" wherein they have psychic or telepathic powers... Who knows it's a mystery in the show.