The Deal With The Sound


I installed my mother a digital tv reception box and finally got it working right with the image and even the sound or so I thought. Now sometimes in movies or tv shows, like when there is a gun shot or something it is much louder than the rest of the show. This is rather unacceptable to me considering I have sensitive hearing and my mother is quite deaf so the TV is so very loud already that when those shots come by it actually hurts my ears.
Any idea what the deal is with this and can I stop this from happening?


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Hmm, I know at night sometimes that certain TV commercials broadcast at a higher volume to get your attention. I'm curious as to what's causing this, because it sounds like it happens more often than just those late night commercials.


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I have been told that if the commercials are louder, it's the channel you are watching that is doing it so maybe it's the same with the "gun shots", etc. Call the channel you are watching and put cotton in your ears.
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