The Dish Is Driving Me Nuts! - DirecTV DVR

For The Dish Is Driving Me Nuts!, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Up until 6 weeks or so ago, our 8 year old system had performed perfectly. Out of the blue we began having problems receiving our favorite channels: MSNBC, BBC and a few others. Oddly enough the problems begin when the temperature goes above freezing and the sun comes out or on nights when the sky is completely clear. We checked all wires and they're fine. The other channels come in perfectly. We're stumped. Now, another problem. When I go to the east coast network stations: NBC, ABC, CBS, I often get an entirely different signal that can't be accessed. For example, I go to NBC on 932 and it says "CW12" with the PBS logo which I can't access. I then fiddle around going from station-to-station and back again and eventually it goes back to NBC. Do systems just peter out after 8 years? Could the dish be out of alignment? Is the LNB kaput? Help! Jayne (on a hill in New Hampshire)

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