"The Family Lawyer" 10-8-08 (Season 2) Episode Thread

I love this Show!!!! Anybody see last night's episode?

I don't want to give away any major details about the episode quite yet, but the show took an interesting twist last night! The Darling family must name a successor for the family business, and Tripp lets Nick George make the decision.

Also, lol, musician Kenny G was on the show last night too.


It's nearly a month since the last post, but I also love this show. Nick and wife are separating! That's terrible! I sure hope they can work it out!
I STILL haven't seen this show - I don't always hear much about it, so is it good?
It's an awesome show! I'm not sure what the most compelling part of the show is...it focuses more on the family itself and their daily issues, rather than the whole plot revolving flashing their money...hehe kind of hard to explain, but it's good!