The FCCs Two-Faced Stance On Broadcast TV


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"While the FCC under Julius Genachowski is actively moving to take spectrum away from TV stations, which the chairman calls an “obstacle” to America’s broadband future, its conditions placed on the Comcast-NBCU deal indicate just the opposite. The commission has decreed that NBC and Telemundo stations must produce an additional 1,000 hours of “original, local news and information programming” as groups. To me that shows that the FCC is implicitly recognizing the continued importance of broadcasting in the media mix."

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From the article above:

... "At least six of the Spanish-language Telemundo stations, again collectively, have to do the same — 1,000 hours a year for five years." ...

... "This is mostly a matter of principle. The NBC and Telemundo stations should be able to comply with the 1,000-hour requirements without much trouble. For the NBC stations, it breaks down to just two hours per station per week." ...


So, is this to say NBC stations will have to generate 2 new hours of local content and Telemundo stations will have to generate 18 new content hours per week? Added, 20 hrs X 52 weeks = 1040 hrs. The 2 hr requirement for NBC was not well explained.


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Well, I don't think it necessarily conflicts with the FCC's desire to kill off broadcast TV.

First of all, Comcast has agreed to carry stations that are taken off the air by spectrum reclamation. So it's not like the stations are going away. They are just not going to be OTA anymore.

Secondly, I think that Spanish language stations will be the last to go off air because they are among the most viewed OTA.

It still sounds a bit strange though and this unholy marriage has had a lot of twists and turns that make the tax code look relatively simple.