The final season

I can't believe this is ER's last season. I stopped watching the show several years ago and just couldn't believe it kept on going. I think the quality dropped many years ago and they should have quit then.


Finally they are going to end it. I loved this show but I stopped watching it because the cast changed so many times. I still remember years ago watching the first episode of ER with my mom. It is a great show, but I do think it is time for them to put it to rest.
In agreement about ER

I agree with you, it's time for ER to end its run. I've enjoyed it over the years on the whole part, and am a true die-hard fan, but the revolving door of characters has eroded the plot line a bit. You can only see the various staff members having a fling with each other so many times.

Don't misinterpret my above remarks, though, as I for one, will be sitting there on Thursday night just to see Noah Wylie return as Dr. John Carter, and to find out which of the cast will breathe their last breath as indicated on the sneak peeks for the last season.
I loved it when it was years ago but I do agree that the quality did drop. It was hard to keep up with it with the cast changing so never knew what was happening and it was hard to keep the story lines straight if you missed a few episodes or a season. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. How many seasons were there total?