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Is anyone watching The Forgotten? It's the new Christian Slater show about The Forgotten Network, which are people who help identify dead bodies when the police can't put anymore time to it. I am not a fan of Slater's at all, but I'm enjoying this show quite a bit. There's actually some humor elements in there every now and then, like when Slater's character, an ex-cop, chases after the bad guys and reaches for his gun, which of course he doesn't have because he's not a cop anymore. I love those moments.


I think the show is okay, kind-of. We are recording it, but probably won't watch the episodes we're recording until later. I tuned in primarily to see if Michelle Borth can act with her clothes on. Apparently she can, but I wonder about some of the other actors in the series.


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Quite honestly, I don't know any of the actors except for Slater, so I went in with zero expectation on any of them. I'm not even sure which one Michele is --- the Lindsay character maybe. Shrug! lol


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
I don't know about the movie, only the television show, which I'm still enjoying after a full month of shows. I have no clue if the show is based on the movie or not.
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