The Harlem Globetrotters are just another basketbal team

Why are they always advertised with not only that annoying commercial jingle but treated as if they were the kings of the world?! they're just a freaking NBA team!--get over it folks!

Just like the Colts. they're no better than any other NFL team plus they're losing. so why are they on every bag of Lays chips when not everyone is a Colts fan and there's over 20 more NFL teams there?

Heck living in Kentucky i must automatically LOVE UK teams. heck they're not the only kentucky football team! there's WKU, Louisville, etc. why is always UK?!
Wait, what?! they're Harlem Globetrotters--last i checked they are/were and NBA team. from what i remembert the Lakers beat the pants off of 'em long ago. no one seems to acknowledge that though--they must be some huge team or something, lord knows they are treated as if they invented basketball. they're just people, not Gods.

Harlem Globetrotters

Chicago Bulls

Milwalkee (sp?) Bucks

Orlando Magic

LA Lakers

etc etc etc. they're no better than anyone else. just an overrated and more than over-promoted team. unlike most people today, i do believe that sports are equal, win or lose. no team is a God. they're all played by humans. while it's normal for there to be many numbers of fans for one or more teams, to overpromote as if they were some team played by androids and treated as if they were all that no matter if their streak is winning or a load of crap, is stupid.

Lays Chips for example. does the company really think everyone who loves Lay's chips is/must be a Colts fan? simple overpromotion. i myself am a Titans fan but i also love Lay's chips. hows that for a theory Frito Lay?

Also the unrealistic Overpromotion of University of Kentucky from anyone who lives in Kentucky; apparantly the simple truth that there's many different college sports teams in Kentucky, such as KWC, WKU, UofL, it doesn't matter because no even if they're playing like crap, UK MUST be the best. no matter what. geezit it's just like Harley Davidson...
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Ah, dude,

Those on the Harlem Globetrotters are a very talented bunch along with all those who have had the privilage to be a part of it any time in the past.

This is a show! Kind of like wrestling but you can see much more talent here.

The entire thing is staged but it is meant to just be a really great show. I for one always thought it was way back to when I was a kid.

That was a very long time ago. lol

yes616 is whistling something as he sends this message
How can the Globetrotters be compared to Wrestling? one is real the other one is fake. plus Wrestling is no sport--it's a hollywood movie. no offense but it tries to be boxing but only Boxing itself is real. but of course i see no point in violence, especially violence with no gain--boxing and Wrestling are both just proof of human's violent nature and more proof that there doesn't need to be rage or hate involved. i fail to see the point in knocking out--or brain damage, when there's really no ill will between the, I don't see violence being appropriate even if there is ill will.

But the Globetrotters--they're just a team. no better than anyone else. it'd be like overpromoting the Orlando's just dumb. the Harlem Globetrotters are merely one of the many teams available. and while i understand fans, i don't understand them being held to such a high pedestal to the point of worship. not every person is a Globetrotters fan any more than everyone is a Bulls fan or Lakers fan. they're just a team! sure, if they're in the Playoffs or having a very great season, sure...overpromotion to the winner seems fit. but it unlike other teams, the Globetrotters don't have to win to be overpromoted; they could be playing like crap but still treated as if they're in the Playoffs.

Of course they're talented...all NBA teams are talented...otherwise they wouldn't be on the NBA nor be making millions every game!
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Wow! Back in the day, the Globetrotters were an amazing team. I saw them once when I was a kid - just awesome. It's a new generation, times or three actually, but they're still darn good. No, they are not an NBA team. They do special events; everyone wants to play the Globetrotters. Are they are fantastic as the 50's and 60's predecessors? No, but they're still good.
I still don't get it. the only use i see is them promoting used car sales here on local ads...that's where i remember first hearing that jingle.

If they're not in the NBA that makes their obvious overpromotion even more unwarranted; makes it as fake as wrestling..

they're such a joke that they were (the 60s team) used in an episode of 'The New Scooby Doo Movies'

I guess i would've had to be there...
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Yeah, I'm not sure where your feelings come from. The Harlem Globetrotters do a ton of charity work and that's a bit part of their purpose. Having an NBA team or a local media team play them was a fundraising event of note. They used to have their own cartoon series, too.
a lot of groups both from sports and otherwise do charity work; but you never see them overpromoted to the point of annoyance the way the Globetrotters are. sheesh the frakking ad plays every commercial break now and people need to learn they're not Gods.

How about Bowling for Easter Seals?

you never see that one overpromoted?

There's tons of sports-related charities that never get as much recognition as the Globetrotters. they're not Gods, they're human, as the rest of us. treat them equally at least.

Just like with UK, not everyone cares.

I know i can't be the only one seeing the Harlem Globetrotters as no better than anyone else and the fact that it's tired to see the overexposure of them. if the Orlando Magic did a charity event, you wouldn't hear as much about it. IMO anyone who does work for charity deserves equal respect. it's not about superiority, it's about helping the less-fortunate.

If it weren't for people on this forum, i'd never know they did charity work. the ads don't seem to pass them off as anything charity-related. until today i thought they're just an NBA team representing Harlem, as the Magic represent Orlando. either way, overpromotion is annoying after over 30 years.
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How can the Globetrotters be compared to Wrestling? one is real the other one is fake. plus Wrestling is no sport--it's a hollywood movie.

The Harlem Globetrotters are an exhibition basketball team that combines athleticism, theater, and comedy.
See the wiki: Harlem Globetrotters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After losing to the Washington Generals in 1962, the Harlem Globetrotters lost only two more games in the next 38 years (12,596 games). Usually they played a "stooge" team owned by Red Klotz, which also appeared as the Boston Shamrocks, New Jersey Reds, Baltimore Rockets, or Atlantic City Seagulls. On January 5, 1971 they lost in Martin, Tennessee in overtime to the New Jersey Reds; the 100–99 score ended an alleged 2,495-game winning streak (which meant that the Globetrotters were playing 277 games per year up until that date).
They're a travelling show and do great charity work. Asking why they get promotion over another charity is a silly question.
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I don't think they're overly promoted, either. This team has a fine history, as has just been pointed out. Curly and Meadowlark -- two of the greatest -- and they set a standard. Maybe you might consider at least the possibility that your perception could be askew, or not ... but either way, the Globetrotters definitely own a piece of history that's worthwhile.