The Insanity of Video Copyright Law

Months ago, when I read about Aero with their thousands of antennas, I started laughing. It almost HAS to be legal, for the same reason a slingbox is legal.

It points up a simple principle: There's no way to write a slew of laws that covers every contingency. Words are simply inadequate to cover every facet of reality -- even the present reality, let alone the near future. That, dear reader, is how the CEOs of big companies earn their wildly absurd, outlandish salaries. They know how to get AROUND the ridiculous labyrinth(s) congress(es) set up. They also run the risk some judge is going to see it differently, and send them to prison for 30 years. So they deserve what they get, either way.

The spectre of creating digital copies made applying copyright law perhaps 20 times more complicated -- and it was too complicated in the first place. It's out of control, and I don't see any solution on the horizon. Write some more laws?? Hahaha... :daffy: