'The Love Boat' Makes Its Final Run, Pacific Princess To Be Scrapped for Parts


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In the mid-1970s, ABC presented a couple of TV movies that proved to be so popular that it launched 'The Love Boat' TV series that lasted nearly a decade. Every week, audiences laughed at the affable crew of the Pacific Princess, from Captain Stubbing to Gopher the purser. For millions, it was their first real glimpse of cruise life and indeed, the cruising industry saw a bump in activity as a result of the family show. The real Pacific Princess became a star in her own right. Now, though, the old gal has arrived in Turkey where she is about to be scrapped for parts. It is a sad end for what was once a lively and sought after ship.

As a rule, for each season of the show, the regular cast and several guest stars took real cruises to film episodes. The rest of the show was filmed on a studio set. Guest stars were a big attraction, including current popular stars and many old-time favorites who delighted fans of the early days of television. Bobby Sherman, Ethel Merman, Charo, Florence Henderson, Juliet Mills, Jimmy Osmond, Erin Moran, Carol Channing, and Lorne Greene are just a handful of the hundreds of stars to grace the decks of 'The Love Boat.'

Though a grand lady in her time, the Pacific Princess at age 42 is now deemed too small when compared to the bigger and grander ships being built and used to charter cruisers around the globe.

Perhaps the one good thing is that reruns of 'The Love Boat' live on. Starting in the fall, MeTV is adding the program to their schedule. Thus, the Pacific Princess will live on in all her glory.