The Million Dollar Case was Won!

Jason Fritz

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More details on the million dollar suitcase winner. NBC just advertised a promo during a break, that Monday night (9/1/08), at 8/9c, will be the air date for the winner of the million dollars.
Watched it last night and it was just incredible. It was as if she was being guided by someone or something as she made her selections. The woman who won lives about 20 miles north of me. Local tv news taped her at a party where everyone was watching the show.


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That is awesome. I wish I was watching. I watched one episode a little while ago, if the guy would have kept going he would have won. However he stopped and took the $450,000.


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I can't stand to watch some of the people on this show, they should honestly bring an adviser with them to sum up the offer for them. So frustrating to watch someone gamble away $100,000 and choose to keep going instead of taking the money.


It's only taken three years and 246 episodes for someone to win the million dollar case. :p I love the reaction Howie Mandell gives. I seriously get chills watching Deal or No Deal sometimes; people take way too many risks and end up with nothing.

Video at: Seriously? OMG! WTF? Finally someone wins the million on Monday’s Deal or No Deal
3 years an d246 episodes before someone got the one million? in our country, many contestants of deal or no deal already won the one million. and i think it did not even take one year before the first person won the one million.


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