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I wish to ask if anyone can remember a show called "The Monte Carlo Show" it was made in 1980. and hosted by

Bar that there is very little infor about this show, including why/who created the show, how many episodes were made etc

I was hoping some people could fill in some of the missing gaps?

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I did a Google search and I probably came up with the same two listings as you did and neither link helped me find it on DVD.
The Monte Carlo Show (TV Series 1980) - IMDb

One of our Forum contributors runs a terrific old video source website and although the show you are trying to find is not listed there, he has a request form you could fill out.
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I did learn something new: Benny Hill spoofed the show and he called his version The Monte Carbolic Show. I always wondered where that name came from.
"The Benny Hill Show" The Monte Carbolic Show (TV episode 1982) - IMDb

Remember the Monte Carlo Show? How could I forget it. I was the technical director and facilities provider for the show. My video mobile unit shot the 26 syndicated shows along with the 6 cable specials in an 8 week period of time on location in Monte Carlo. It was quite an adventure. What is it you would like to know about the show?


I have searching so long times for this TV show , The monte carlo , and I looking for the openning show the name of that song is Sophisticated lady and The next song is All That Jazz, but I don´t know who is that Singer, please anyone tell me the answer. Thank you so much!
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