The National Parks

PBS plans to start showing The National Parks on September 27. Its a Ken Burns documentary showing the beauty of the national parks in the United States. While in college, I worked at one of the largest parks; The Golden Gate National Recreation Area in the San Francisco Bay Area. It included the island where I worked - Alcatraz.


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I have seen the teasers and the 30 min lead in mega trailer for the series. It should be a classic Ken Burns series.

Did you hear how long he worked on this one? He does massive research and often takes a decade to make an 8 hours series.


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That sounds like something worth watching. I've never worked in a national park, but I've certainly been to a few. My father worked at Yosemite as a young man. He had a lot of wonderful memories from that.


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Well installment one was awesome. My TV behaved and didn't glitch once during the 2 hour show. Nicely they are showing at 8 pm for those that can't stay up, then again at 10 pm for those that watch the network primetime. Sweet.

They spent 10 years filming it.


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Ken Burns does an amazing job with every subject he tackles. While I only got to see bits and pieces of tonight's installment, I was greatly impressed. I'll be watching the rest of the week.


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Pretty dissappointed in what I saw, altogether.

Their is some good history in there, but its smattered among sentimentality laid on so thick with a heaping topping of Leftwing zeitgeist Gaia Worship, with a side of reverence Native American buffalo chip reading Great Spritism.

I just cant take it. The crazy dude wondering Yosemite taking Peyote and communing with nature took up half the show, an obvious glorification of hippy dippyism.

Myth making and reinforcing modern Leftwing and Environmentalist zeitgeist opinion and worldviews.

Could have been much better.

Ken Burns will never achieve the greatness of The Civil War.

His World War Two series was dissappointing as well. Although as with most of his documentary's there is worthy material in there, and they are better viewing than much of the claptrap on the tele these days, they tend to be filled with sentimentality and Leftwing myth making.


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After having seen most of these episodes, while I still have objections to it on several grounds, I overall enjoyed the history of the National Parks as presented by Ken Burns.

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