The Netflix iPhone Experience: Small Review

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Watched my first full blown Netflix movie on my iPhone 4 yesterday.

The film was a documentary called "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room".

Overall, not bad. I had a slightly pessimistic opinion of watching any movie on such a small screen, but after positioning the iPhone approximately 2.5' away from my face, I was able to watch without squinting my eyes.

The picture quality on the iPhone was superb over my home wifi (cable modem - up to 25Mb DL speeds). There were no jagged edges, yet the picture was fine enough to see details beyond what I would have probably noticed in a movie theater.

Sound quality was as excellent as expected through my SennHeiser CX-300-II earbuds. I have to admit that a documentary such as this one is probably not best to give an accurate review of sound since it lacks the lows and highs of sound compared to an action flick.

One nice thing about the viewing experience on the iPhone is that holding the phone in landscape mode, a wide screen movie will occupy 95% (from top to bottom) of the screen as opposed to watching the same movie on my TV screen through the Nintendo Wii which only expands the picture by about 80% of the screen.