The new Google Fiber TV premium package includes HBO and Cinemax

True Blood fans rejoice, HBO has been added to the Google Fiber TV lineup. At a cost of $20/month, Google Fiber users can now gain access to the HBO package which includes: HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO2, HBO Latino, HBO Zone, and HBO Comedy.

The Cinemax package, which includes: Max, MoreMax, ActionMax, ThrillerMax, WMax, @Max, 5-StarMax, and OuterMax, has also been added to Google Fiber TV and is available at $10/month.

The new premium package including STARZ, Showtime, HBO and Cinemax is available for $40/month. Now I see where TV is going. Let's get Google Fiber everywhere, especially with its attractive free broadband Internet package.
Hispanic (with 9 channels), and ESPN 3D, are also optional add-ons for Google TV. There are already a boatload of top channels that come with the base plan of Google TV, and a handful of local channels as well.

The fee for the Gigabit Internet service bundled with TV is $120/month and Google is waiving the $300 construction fee. Also, when choosing just Internet at $70 per month, the construction fee is waived. The only time it is required to pay is when getting the free Internet package from Google, and even then they allow the cost to be spread over a year.

The Google Fiber service is currently only available in Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri. Other areas of Kansas are on the "coming soon" list and those in Austin Texas will be able to jump on the exciting Google Fiber package soon. [Google Fiber Blog]