The new I Phone and its excessive bandwidth needs !!


Here is one for the record books. Today was the day that Steve Jobs unveiled the latest 4G version of the I Phone, and its excessive use of bandwidth was revealed for all who may have noticed. On Mr. Jobs first attempt to show the devices features, it failed to work properly, as it would not connect to the network.

After plenty of head scratching, they finally had to ask all of the users of I Phone and I Pads in the audience to turn off their I devices so that the "NEW" phone could connect to the network. Talk about a huge waste of bandwidth, and you are talking about the new 4G I phone, the I pad, and the older I phone too.

At this rate, there will not be enough bandwidth for them in only a few years. Watch out FM broadcasters and Amateur Radio Operators, you are next !! Can you say excessive bandwidth ?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Big news this weekend too with AT&T announcing that it'll end the "unlimited" bandwidth availability for the iPad. BroadcastandCable has an article out today in support of Mobile DTV in light of AT&T's announcement.


Super Moderator
Well this is exactly what I have been saying. Give "wireless" all the available spectrum, say save 100 MHz for police, fire etc, and they will soon run out room anyway. Just like there isn't enough oil to expand forever, nor is there enough spectrum, though at the rate the two are going they will run out of spectrum very shortly. They have the lion's share of spectrum under 2.5 GHz now, they need to learn how to make the best of it.

Decades ago, I remember hearing the invasion of the ham bands was over, because with the wildly growing expansion of signaling that fiber cable would handle it all. That after all wireless was finite and not nearly enough to support the future anyway. That was 30 years ago.


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