The new king of the Snake-Oil HDMI cables: Only $2200.99


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I know we've covered this before on a AudioQuest 6.6 ft HDMI cable, (around $600)... but there's a new KING of overpriced HDMI cables at your local Best Buy:

AudioQuest - Coffee 39.4' HDMI Cable - White

Model: 65-082-09 | SKU: 1267764

Shipping: $8.75
Usually ships in 2-5 business days
Store Pickup: Not Available

  • 36 Month Financing
  • 18 Month Financing
  • 12 Month Financing
  • 6 Month Financing
    Our Price: $2,200.99

What's most amazing? They're actually going to try to collect $8.75 for shipping it! If I could sell just one of these a week, I could retire...
(BTW, the customer reviews are hilarious!)

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