The New Xbox?


Wow, I must be way behind because I didn't even know a new one was coming out! It took me a few years just to get the 360 and another is already on the way?


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i own a PS3 and will definitley be looking forwrd to the new one. I too was not awre of the launch of the new XBOS720. Does any one have more specifications or feature updates ont he upcomming model?


Will it really be released between 2011-2012? That's the big question I guess and will it be better than the PS3.

Next Xbox 720 to launch in 2011-2012 according to Microsoft - Video Games Blogger
That article is BS. The 360 is selling just fine and there is very little interest form anyone in a next gen XBOX. MS would be stupid to waste billions in making a new system no one is interested in. What launch games are there going to be. Halo Reach is coming out this year so a new on won't be ready until 2013. Gears 3 comes out in 2011 so a new on won't be ready until 2014 or late 2013. So why launch in 2012? Why waste money is a XBOX Slim if you are coming out with a new XBOX next year? A XBOX 720 will be $400 and no one will buy it when they can get a perfectly good 360 or PS3 for $250 or less. I'll put money that new XBOX won't be out until the end of 2013 at the earliest.
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And I'll bet the XBox 720 won't play XBox 360 games, like the 360 won't play XBox?

I am clinging on to the old Phat PS2: It works fine, has great graphics, they still make (some) games for it, and yes, Sony is STILL selling new PS2's! When Sony makes a replacement for the PS3, THATS when I will get a new system. A used PS3. And all my PS1 and PS2 games will still work on it.

Gawd, I'm soooo cheap.
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That article is so obviously fake! For one, I have some small faith in humanity that they would have thought of a better name. Plus the 360 is at the peak of it profitability. So help me this better not be them trying to keep up with the playstation. Sometimes it is wiser to wait