The odd death of Terry Kath


January 23, 1989.

Terry Kath, lead singer of the rock group Chicago accidentally kills himself with a 9mm hand gun.

Kath sang many of the groups biggest hits including Colour my World and Make me Smile. While at a party he was showing off some of his gun collection when he pointed a 9mm hand gun at his head saying, "Don't worry, it isn't loaded." Terry died instantly when the gun had one bullet left in it.

YouTube - Chicago- Make Me Smile

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I remember that Tim. Sad.

I ran sound systems for several "up and coming" local Bands and one I worked with one that specialized in Chicago hits. It was A LOT of work and I was WAY underpaid.

I assure you and all, mixing brass with guitars and percussion is an entirely different world from the simple job of mixing guitars and drums. Vocal tracks are equal in both cases.

Not as a member I offered suggestions to a friend, Charlie Kester, regarding his ultra-popular local Band, Charlie and the Tunas, who were voted the #1 retro music Band in the Pacific Northwest: Charlie & The Tunas, Bands of the Pacific Northwest This Band should have gone big-time but it was one more on the cusp. Oh well.

The Band Chicago was equally tight as could be and I admire the audio mastering on most of their albums. I couldn't have done better. :thumb: