'The Office' makes 'Seinfeld' interesting

Both shows are boring to me, but i have to admit Seinfeld at least had something with the Kramer character, who was funnier to me than anyone else; while any jokes told by the main guy 'Seinfeld', was so dry it went so far above my head it left contrails.

Fast Forward to 10:30 PM weeknights on Fox, we have a show that's as boring as work--yep, The Office . if they wanted to be realistic within an office setting, they succeeded--it's like real-life. if you work in any setting with cubicles and a water cooler, that's what it is. it should be a reality show, because it's that realistic!

It's got to be the most boring show on TV. i tried to watch it once, but after 15 minutes i was asleep. absolutely nothing happens and there is zero funny. i have been told my sense of humor is dry, but at least it's something i can laugh at myself, while this show's humor is so dry it would be its own desert!

Is this what passes for humor today? i'd rather watch a Soap Opera--at least something happens!


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I've liked Steve Carell in other roles, but I also find The Office to be really, really boring. I can't find anything interesting about it, at all. I almost fell asleep after 10 minutes of it the one time I tried to watch it.

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Try it. i think Dilbert is funny, but this show makes soap operas look like action films...

At first it was unintentional viewing as i left the TV on Fox while i was working on a home project; it at first came off (or sounded like someone) from Friends and it appeared even so, then after trying to concentrate it was just blah blah blah talk. some stupid jokes about monkeys (which wasn't remotely funny just stupid--there's a very fine line between stupid funny and too stupid to be funny) and i just had to turn the TV off. it was like watching an infomercial. Being on after 10PM must tell you something...they usually place the more boring shows at those slots.

It did otherwise appear as Friends in an office setting. i think a few of the stars from the show are on it.
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I really don't find either Seinfeld or The Office to be boring at all, but both are required tastes that not everyone is going to like or even 'get' a lot of the humor featured on them. Both are clever comedies set up in unique ways, but they really aren't going to appeal to some people.